Natural Pain Relief

What a Relief!

How many times have we heard that said over the years? Junten Body Warmer Heat Packs are a relief – they bring instant respite to those conditions that respond to heat treatment.

Box of Junten Heat PacksJunten Body Warmers provide a soothing and comforting warmth which can assist in the return to a more enjoyable lifestyle.

Remember how great the hot water bottle felt when you placed it on your back, neck or knee? The problem was however that the bottle quickly became cold and often left a damp spot. The Junten Body Warmer Heat Pack solves that problem.

The heat packs are like a portable hot water bottle but without the hassle. They have the same applications but instead are self-adhesive; that is, the pad stays wherever you place it. For example,. on a singlet, t-shirt, underwear, jeans, knee support – wherever you need relieving warmth.

(Note: the pad should never be directly placed on the skin – See our FAQ )

Discrete: If used correctly (i.e. following the simple instructions on the packaging) Junten Body Warmer Heat Packs have no side effects. They have no odour and can be worn at work or play without anyone else knowing you are wearing one.

The Junten Body Warmer Heat Packs have a wide range of applications – they can be used for warmth and comfort due to illness or injury, or simply just to keep warm when playing or watching sport.

For people seeking a drug-free form of soothing comfort - Junten body warmers are the answer.

So natural…… they run on fresh air !!!

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