Frequently Asked Questions

So what is the Junten Body Warmer Heat Pack?

The Junten Body Warmer Heat Pack is flat, unobtrusive, adhesive pad that holds its shape. It is chemical, drug and cream free. It does not have to be put in the microwave, shaken, boiled or rubbed. It is air activated and as soon as it is removed from its packet begins to heat up.

It is portable and gives the same relief as the hot water bottle without creating any moisture or discomfort by trying to keep the hot water bottle in place.

How do I use the Junten Body Warmer Heat Pack?

Open the packaging and remove the paper strips from the adhesive side of the pad. Place the pad on an item of clothing over the required spot on your body and leave it there until it becomes warm. It will stay warm for up to 12 hours. It can also be worn for shorter durations although it must be placed back in the packaging and sealed otherwise the heat will dissipate.

Can anyone use Junten Body Warmer Heat Packs?

The Junten Body Warmer Heat Packs can be used by the young and old alike. Some mothers put it under their baby’s bottom sheet wrapped in a piece of material in order to keep the baby warm overnight.

Older people and people with sensitive skin should test the product under the conditions outlined on the pack to ensure that it is will not cause adverse effects (i.e. as skin ages it is more sensitive so each person should trial the pack during waking hours to ensure that it doesn’t become too hot for them).

Why is the Junten Body Warmer Heat Pack so good?

It is much more effective than the wheat bag, or the warm/cold products currently on the market. These products have to be held over the area and need regular re heating or re-freezing and therefore cannot be worn for lengthy periods. They are often bulky and unsightly. Products such as these can be a problem for the elderly if they are trying to heat them in boiling water or a microwave.

Can I use the Heat Packs if I am pregnant?

Although they have not been known to cause harm, it is best to consult your physician prior to using the heat packs.

Can I throw it away?

Once the pad is cold (after 12 or more hours) it should be thoughtfully disposed of. Although the heat packs are biodegradable, they should not be composted due to the high iron and salt content.

Can the heat packs burn?

If the instructions on the pack are followed the heat packs should not burn. If however they are left on all night whilst sleeping, the concentration of heat may increase and a low temperature burn may occur. Always read the instructions and always adhere the pad to clothing and never the skin.

Are the Heat packs effective after the use by date?

The use by date guarantees of that the product will perform as described on the packaging. Heat packs pass their use by date may not reach their maximum temperature or may stay warm for a shorter period of time.

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